Collagraphs are plates (or matrixes) made from collages. I usually use material that I find from the Andalucian or Finnish nature. The work is quite abstract but with a little imagination you can see many things in them.

After the collage has been made it gets a couple of coats of varnish and then it can be inked. Then a paper is put on top and it goes through the printing press. Due to the delicate materials used I can normally get max. 10 impressions out of one matrix.

The Wing
(80×63, plate 67×53. Edition sold.)
Going somewhere II
(~90x45cm, 75€)
Going somewhere dog
Boqueron timido ~Ujo muikku
(Ediion sold. 90x50cm, Private collection, Finland)
Going somewhere Rabbit
Mixed media. 50×33. 60€
It’s a new day. (Private collection, Spain)
(~100x50cm, 110€)
Land and Sea part I
56×57,5, 100€
Land And Sea part II
Monotype 57×35,5cm, 75€