etchings ~ viivasyövytykset ~ grabados

My Etchings are often about animals, more specifically birds. I think that animals are often free from gender stereotypes, they are also free from trying to be somebody they are not. By using animals as my subjects I also take part in the discussion about nature’s importance in so many ways. We humans are often too tangled in our own well being and forget what really matters. Animals (or children) never do that.

What is an etching? My etchings are usually made on zinc or copper plates. They are traditional intaglio prints where the plate is first cleaned and coated with a ground varnish. Then the drawing is made with a sharp tool to the plate. After that the plate goes to acid, which etchrs the lines, thus the name etching. The rest of the plate is protected with the varnish. When the plate is cleaned again, I add the colours (Charbonnel oil-based ink), remove extra and then it is time to place the plate on the printing press, put a humid paper (usually Hahnemühle 300g) on top and roll it through! This is when the magic happens and you get to see you print!

Magpie – Harakka
etching on a zinc plate
(~25 x 30cm, plate size ~13x13cm, 40€)
All We Need is Music, (sweet music)
Etching on a zinc plate.
(~35x27cm. 40 €)
Breaking the Ice
(21cm x 22,5 cm, plate 7,5 x 6,5 cm)
Mixed texhnique, etching on zinc plate. 35€.
Why Fly when You Can Climb
17,5 x 38 cm, plate size 8 x 23 cm, 45€
etching on a zinc plate
The Perfect Balance
17,5 x 38 cm, plate size 8 x 23 cm, 45€
etching on a zinc plate
17,5 x 38 cm, plate size 8 x 23 cm, 45€
etching on a zinc plate
Free Flying.
etching on a zinc plate (55€)
etching on a zinc plate
(~20x15cm, plate 10×7,5cm, 30€)
(Drypoint on acetate ~45×30 cm 55€)
(drypoint on acetate. ~25x40cm. 35€)
Dreamfisher / Onnenonkija

Etching on a zinc plate & plastic. Mixed media. 39x25cm, plate 18.5×5.5cm. 30€