Monotypes ~ monotypiat ~ monotipos

Most of the samples below are pen and ink on top of printed teabag paper. I guess it’s a bit like looking at the clouds. As oldfashioned as it may be, nature IS an endless source of inspiration for me.

Monotype. Ink on print. (Private Collection, Spain)
In My Element
Private collection. Spain.
Ad Aspera.
Monotype ~20×27. Acetate plate, 40€
A Light Load
Monotype. 20×23, plate 10x13cm, 30€
Going Back To What I Was
Monotype on handmade paper. Mixed media.
34,5x26cm, 35€.
The Dream team. (Private Collection, Spain)
Still on it.
Monotype. ~40x40cm. Private Collection. Spain.
A Fish Kiss.
Ink, silver leaf on a print. ~80x60cm.
Private collection, Sweden
Learning to Climb
Private collection, Spain
Monotype. Mixed media. Private collection. Finland
Fish Or A Bird? – Lintu vai kala?
Ink on a Print. ~30x22cm. 40€
Commisioned monotype.
Where was I?
Monotype. 27x39cm. 50€.
Hold the Line
(~30x20cm. 50€)
How Big a Hug Can You Bear. Monotype Card.
How Deep is Your Love?
Commissioned monotype.
(Private collection. Finland.)